Our Mission

Solve with Nature

Limitless Potential
of Natural Fibers

PASSION BECAME PRINCIPLE, and we knew there was a balance between creation and natural resources.

We conceived a scalable process that gives virgin and once-worn natural fibers attributes that were previously unimaginable.

By unlocking nature’s potential, we created a platform where once-used natural fibers could be fortified to use again and again and again.

Tunability. Utility. Strength. Flexibility.

We built that platform. We are that process.

We have only begun to tap the possibilities.

of our
Company is

We did not invent this process to incrementally improve upon what is known. When research began at the Department of Defense, we believed there had to be a natural, elegant solution to many complex questions. Natural materials are already awe-inspiring; we thought nature had more potential waiting to be used and that we could unlock this potential staying true to the natural makeup of the materials.

“What we have unlocked is a new layer of utility and performance inherent in natural fibers. Cotton, silk, hemp — things nature provides — already recognized as having the highest performance qualities, are the solution to so many issues."

Dr. Luke Haverhals, CEO / Founder / PhD Chemist

Can we achieve circularity?

We Do More With Less

We worked with the assumption that people did not need to replicate what nature already does well. By using available virgin and waste materials, we developed the process of natural fiber welding with ultimate scalability in mind.

“We started with the simple idea that plants, our most abundant renewable resource, could scale to everyone and would be the most cost effective and sustainable source imaginable. Luke unlocked infinite reuse-ability and we’ve patented the technology that enhances properties of natural fibers."

Steve Zika, COO / MS Material Science

Can we transcend industry boundaries?

Materials Today Have Limitations

At present, utility, customization, and beauty require compromises of strength, feel and sustainability. These covetable qualities are no longer mutually exclusive, and actually independently tunable in our welded materials.

“Before welded fiber, you had to choose the best material for the circumstance based on a hierarchy of factors. That’s compromise. With time, temperature and pressure, the same forces nature uses to create, we remove the need to compromise.”

Aaron Amstutz, CTO / MS Material Science

Can we exceed the known limits of natural fabric?

The Applications of Welded Fiber are Vast

The expectations of upcycled and virgin natural fibers have been rewritten. We no longer accept the limitation and compromises of quality, performance, sustainability and scalability.

“Our materials balance performance, sustainability, scalability. Using abundant natural and scrap resources, we can tune fibers to outperform traditional textiles, making this process truly environmentally friendly.”

Chad Stamper, Dir. Marketing & Commercialization

Can we reduce dependance on petroleum and plastic?

Circularity is Now

Our process is scalable because it relies on materials at hand today — materials that are not reused by the industries that need them. Materials that deserve to be and do more.

“Our solution, natural welded fiber, is built for long lasting adoption that will drive the circular economy. We designed out the waste and the negative impact on the environment when we created our system.”

Spencer Null, Dir. Product Development / Mechanical Engineer

Can we impact the world without compromising the environment?

We Are More Than Just Our Process

We are a committed team of people striving together. Moving toward the same benchmarks and challenging each other to raise the bar.

“From blue sky to technical reality; we create scalable applications. We are scientists, we are engineers, we are makers and we are artists.”

Matt Nelson, Dir. Technical Development / MFA

This is our purpose. This is our company.

This is Natural Fiber Welding, Inc.